APR 2010 – JUN 2011 – Denison Dam Crane Rehabilitation, USACE, Tulsa District

The Denison Dam crane rehabilitation project consisted of one 120 Ton Intake Gantry Crane.  Project contract value was $1,148,576.51.  This project included the design and engineering bridge trucks, main & auxiliary hoist systems, cable drums, operator’s cab, drive systems, and crane bumpers.  Electrical engineering and manufacturing included PLC, VFD, and modernized crane controls.


OCT 2008 – MAR 2009 – PGE Round Butte, Bridge & Gantry Cranes – PGE – Portland, Oregon

This project included mechanical engineering for sub-contracted portion of a crane project consisting of bridge and gantry cranes.  Crane work included retrofits on a 3T bridge crane and 3T special gantry crane.  A unique aspect of this project was the combination of fixed and floating structures used for bridge and gantry crane travel to facilitate fish collection.  The gantry runs on a hinged bridge from shore to the floating fish collection facility; the altitude between structures varies which required that the cranes be capable of traveling at an incline.

Read more about the project in this HydroWorld article: Fish Passage: Positive Results from Fish Collection System at Round Butte Dam

JUN 2007 – SEP 2008 – Lookout Point and Dexter Bridge Crane Rehabilitation Portland District

This crane rehabilitation project consisted of one 200 Ton bridge crane (Lookout) and one 100 Ton bridge crane (Dexter).  Project contract value was $3,257,364.45.  Upgrades included bridge trucks, main & auxiliary hoist systems, operator’s cab, drive systems, crane bumpers, access ladders and platforms, and personnel safety equipment.  The VFD, PLC, and operator crane controls were modernized.

MAR 2007 – DEC 2007 – Box Canyon Gantry Crane, Pend Orielle County PUD

K&N completed this crane rehabilitation on a140T gantry crane.  This project included new hoist controls, new operator cab, upgraded equipment room, replacement of all wiring, refurbishment of the travel/hoist gearbox, new hoist motor and brakes.  Additional work included refurbishing bull gears from the drums for the main auxiliary hoist.

JUN 2007 – AUG 2007 – Shell Corp, Anacortes, WA, Bridge & Gantry Cranes, Shell Oil Products

Rehabilitation projects consisting of bridge and gantry cranes.  Crane work included retrofits on 20T bridge crane, operator’s cabs, and coker crane.  Designed, manufactured, and installed of specialized Mill Duty Cab A/C system.

The Anacortes project included design, fabrication, on-site installation, and final testing. Field work included component installation and inspection of assembled components, and on-site management of commissioning.
Mechanical Engineering included the design of mechanical systems including bridge trucks, main & auxiliary hoist systems, operator’s controls, drive systems, and a modernized operator’s cab.

APR 2006 – SEP 2007 – Jones Bluff/Miller’s Ferry, USACE, Mobile District

This bridge crane rehabilitation project was for one 120T bridge crane at Jones Bluff, and one 150T bridge crane at Millers Ferry.  Project contract value was $3,269,674.00.

JUN 2006 – FEB 2007 – Detroit/Big Cliff, Wilamette Valley, OR, USACE, Portland District

Rehabilitation project consisting of one 300 Ton bridge crane (Detroit) and one 100 Ton bridge crane (Big Cliff).  Project contract value was $2,036,092.83.

OCT 2006 – MAR 2007 – Boise Cascade, Wallula Paper Mill, Wallula, WA, Boise Cascade

Rehabilitation project consisting of one 50 Ton bridge crane.  K&N provided design, manufacturing, and installation of mechanical and electrical systems.

AUG 2004 – JUL 2005 – Ice Harbor Dam Bridge Crane Rehabilitation, USACE, Walla Walla District

The Ice Harbor Dam bridge crane rehabilitation project included one 500 Ton Bridge Crane. Project contract value was $1,445,000.00. K&N provided electrical and mechanical engineering design, component fabrication and manufacturing, and field inspection and supervision. Modernized crane controls, including the PLC, VFD, and operator’s chair were manufactured at K&N’s certified UL 508A Panel Shop located in Spokane, Washington.

JUL 2004 – AUG 2006 – McNary Dam, Bridge and Gantry Cranes Upgrade – USACE, Walla Walla District

Crane upgrade of two 250Ton bridge cranes, one 40 Ton tailrace crane, and one 140 Ton gantry crane.  K&N’s Professional Engineer’s (PE) upgraded electrical, mechanical, and structural systems to ensure they met specifications of current codes and to extend the service life and safety of the cranes.

Project included the conversion of hoist drive system, new brakes, load cell system, re-alignment machining for crane bogeys, rehabilitation of main hoist drums, new bearings, and the start-up and load test.  All work was completed on schedule.  In addition, this project included design, manufacturing, and installation of sixteen (16) new bridge trucks and four (4) new gantry trucks.  It also included the design, manufacturing, and installation of a two (2) gantry main hoist drums, and the replacement of diaphragms and shafts for four (4) bridge crane hoist drums.

MAY 2000 – OCT 2000 – Little Goose Dam, Intake Gantry Modernization, USACE, Walla Walla District

This crane rehabilitation project included the electrical and mechanical crane upgrade of 100 Ton gantry crane to current codes.  Project included the removal of the operator controls, electrical equipment, and wiring on the crane. Design, fabrication, factory testing and field testing, furnishing, and installation of electrical and control equipment and associated systems; these including motors, brakes, limit switches, complete control systems, collectors and conductors, conduit, wiring, load cells and indication, and auxiliary devices required to replace and enhance crane electrical power, lighting, and control systems.  Structural components included access ladders, platforms, rails, and guards.

All manufacturing and fabrication work was completed within short time frame, and all field work was completed within 30 day window.

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