FEB 2011-JUN 2013 – Grand Coulee Dam Bridge and Gantry Crane Rehabilitation, , WA, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Grand Coulee Dam, WA

Grand Coulee Dam is one of the largest concrete structures in the world and supplies enough power for 2.3 million households each year.  The Grand Coulee Dam rehabilitation project consisted of four (4) cranes.  Crane capacities included one 50-Ton bridge crane, two 275-Ton bridge cranes, and one 275-Ton gantry crane.  All three bridge cranes have a 105”8” span.  Original project contract value was $11,039,000.52. K&N manufactured new hoist drums, operator’s cabs, platforms, and ladders.  New VFD’s, PLC’s, controls, and panels were manufactured in K&N’s UL508A panel shop located in Spokane, Washington.

Did You Know?

Grand Coule Hydroelectric Dam

Image courtesy of Flickr. Creative Commons, 2014.

If you were to build a sidewalk measuring four feet wide and four inches thick, using just the concrete from the Grand Coulee Dam structure, the sidewalk would wrap twice around Earth’s equator (that’s 50,000 miles!).


The total generating capacity of Grand Coulee Dam is 6,809 megawatts, 3.3 times more than Hoover Dam (2,078 megawatts).  Compared to Hoover Dam, the length of Grand Coulee is 4 times longer, and the amount of concrete required to complete the hydroelectric project at Grand Coulee Dam was 3.7 times that of Hoover Dam.



JUL 2010-AUG2011 – Lower Monumental Dam Bridge Crane Rehabilitation, USACE, Walla Walla District

The Lower Monumental hydroelectric dam bridge crane rehabilitation project consisted of one 600 Ton bridge crane.  Project contract value was $2,896,365.58.   K&N completed the mechanical design and drafting, manufactured new bridge trucks, rebuilt main & auxiliary hoist systems, designed and manufactured a new operator’s cab, and installed new drive systems and crane bumpers.  Mechanical engineering services included multiple components including drums, operator’s cabs, and bridge trucks.

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DEC 2009-MAR 2011 – John Day Dam Crane Rehab, Columbia River, WA/OR, USACE, Portland District

This bridge crane rehabilitation project consisted of two 385 Ton bridge cranes at John Day hydroelectric dam.  Project contract value was $3,500,261.00.  Engineered and manufactured trucks, main & auxiliary hoist systems, operator’s cab, drive systems, and crane bumpers. Mechanical engineering services included drums, operator’s cabs, and bridge trucks.

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